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Edgar Stoëbel

"Rika Zaraï par Edgar Stoebël"

Circa 1960

Pastel on Paper

29 x 23 cm

(40 x 34 cm with frame)

Signed lower right "Rika Zaraï Par Stoëbel"


Painting is in very good estate condition with paper slightly waved on the corners. Otherwise in quite excellent condition.



Edgar Stoëbel (1909-2001) is French artist, real name René Teboul Yechoua, was born in Frenda, Algeria, and died in Paris in December 2001.


Stoëbel was the pseudonym he used as a painter.

Born on 21 December 1909 in Frenda, Algeria, died in December 2001 in Paris, France. From a very young age, he was attracted to music and graphic art, and these two art forms were closely linked throughout his life, giving his art a musical, rhythmic dimension.


In Oran, he founded a small music school with 17 musicians, and conducted an orchestra, but he soon felt that he would not make any progress unless he went to Paris.


In 1931, he arrived in Paris to work on his music and studied with Professor Léon Eugène Moreau, Grand prix de Rome, who taught him harmony, counterpoint, fugue and the piano until the declaration of war in 1939, when he left to rejoin his infantry corps.In 1940, faced with the rise in Nazism, he returned to Algeria where he painted, drew and conducted an orchestra until 1942. There are collections in Algeria which contain figurative works from this period.


In 1942, the Americans landed in Oran, meaning that Jews no longer had to wear the yellow star there. This was the start of Edgar Stoëbel’s deep sympathy for the Americans and their wonderful organisational skills.He became aware that the Americans would have a long-lasting impact on the course of history in the 20th century. Due to the frequent contact he had with them, he ended up joining the Americans and the 7th Algerian Infantry Regiment of the French Expeditionary Corps in the Italy Campaign.


In December 1942, he was very proud to be part of General Clark's 1st Army, which landed in Naples and fought the Italy campaign as far as Rome and Taranto. He landed in Provence on 19 August 1943, at Saint-Tropez and Port-Vendres and took part in military operations until 1945.


He continued to draw scenes of daily life throughout the Italy campaign, and began producing imaginary drawings that prefigured the Figurasyntheses.


After the Armistice, he returned to Paris and founded the Editions Stoëbel publishing house, writing music and songs which he produced in 78 rpm until the arrival of fine groove records.


From 1945-46 onwards, he gradually left behind music to concentrate more on painting and drawing.

Between 1946 and 1950 he painted a number of figurative landscapes of Montmartre, Place Clichy and Place Pigalle.From 1950 onwards, he frequented the artists’ area of Montparnasse and became friends with the enigmatic artist Anton Prinner, a friend of Veira da Silva, Pierre Loeb and Picasso. This lively band would invade the cafes of Montparnasse until very late at night, the evening often starting in La Coupole, a spot he frequented until the 1970s. He was also friends with the artists in Rue de la Grange-Batelière: Goetz, Mondzain, Michonze, Meyer-Lazar.In the 1970s, he met an Irish woman in Montparnasse who took him to Pub Olympia, where there was a fantastic atmosphere. He sang his own songs there: "Le beau Paulo", "La fille du marinero", "La Joconde à Paulo", which met with great success. The crowd loved him, and the wonderful contact he made with young people, by singing and drawing on the tables, took him back there every night until dawn. For several years he would return home in the early hours and then get up to draw and paint in the afternoon.Jacques Martin made a film on the life of Stoëbel, the painter and singer at the Pub Olympia. Music was a constant theme of his life, closely linked to his painting, the source of his art, the colourful rhythm of his canvases and part of his happiness. Happiness was a very important word in his work each of his canvases conveys the notion that every moment of life is a marvel. Edgar Stoëbel is a painter who symbolises happiness, the search for completeness and balance.

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EDGAR STOËBEL Original Drawing on Paper "Rika Zaraï"

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