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DELIGHTED TO HAVE FOR SALE this very rare and utterly beautiful Pair of Antique French & Italian Sterling Silver Open Salt Cellars with gorgeous Vermeil gold-gilt finish. This Pair comprises two very similar, yet slightly different design Open Salt Cellars; one bears French hallmarks, another bears Italian hallmarks. According to the marks, Italian one is older - perhaps the owner of Italian Salt Cellar had lost one of the pair, and ordered a new similar piece to complete it again. Usually, this type of Open Salt Cellar has crystal liner, but this pair has very rare silver round bowl liners.


The design is quite opulent and very chic Regency style, featuring lion's masks holding a ring in its mouth, young girl carrying fruit basket on her head, pearl border, and lion's clad on the feet. Although partially faded, majority of vermeil (gold-gilt over sterling silver) finish is still vivid and richly presented. This pair is perhaps small, but it has tremendous presence.


Hallmarked Salt Cellar 1: French Minerva No.1 Titre mark on the interior liner, to guarantee .950 purity sterling silver. This is one of the highest quality sterling silver in the world, purer than standard .925 sterling silver. Minerva No.2 mark on the stand, guarantees 800/1000 purity solid silver. Salt Cellar 2: The stand bears Italian solid silver guarantee mark of Rome, circa 1820. The interior liner has no hallmark, but acid-tested as solid silver.


Measurements & Condition


Salt Cellar 1:

2.1 in (5.3 cm) tall x 2.7 in (6.9 cm) diameter, Weight 3.76 Troy ounces (117 grams)

Salt Cellar 2:

2.3 in (6 cm) tall x 2.7 in (7 cm) diameter, Weight 3.95 Troy ounces (123 grams)


Very Good Estate Condition with minor sign of light use. Some age-related scratch marks on surface, and a few short hairline cracks. The Vermeil gold-gilt finish is slightly faded here and there, especially on raised decoration, where gold buffed off from polishing process. Please refer the detail photos we added.


(Item Reference No.00812-220-221)


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Pair of Antique Italian & French Gilt Sterling Silver Open Salt Cellars

SKU: 00812-D220-221
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