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OFFERED FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION is this fabulous ANTIQUE FRENCH STERLING SILVER SOUP/VEGETABLE TUREEN by BOINTABURET, established in 1873. This beautiful Tureen comprises 3 parts, Serving Platter, Two-Side Handled Bowl, and Lid. All the pieces are wholly made of the finest quality French sterling silver .950 purity and clearly hallmarked. The design is classic double-filled contoured curvy borders, embellished with rocaille scallop motif side handles and casted Rococo scroll top finial. The Platter and the Lid bear hand-engraved interlaced monogram, probably LV. The modern, crisp silhouette with opulent Rococo accents make this Serving Tureen incredibly festive. Excellent condition and ready to grace your table.

Hallmarked French Minerva No.1 Titre mark on each parts, to guarantee .950 purity sterling silver. This is one of the highest quality sterling silver in the world, purer than standard .925 sterling silver. Maker's mark of Boin-Taburet and brand mark "BOINTABURET A PARIS". BOIN-TABURET was established in 1873 by antique dealer George Boin and jeweller Emile Taburet. The firm was renowned for the revival of Louis XV style silver work in Paris, and awarded a gold medal at the Paris 1889 Exposition Universelle. As well as producing exceptional silver and metal work, the company retailed small items of furniture and decorative objects of very highest order, made by the leading ébéniste of the day.


Measurements & Condition

Tureen Body (Bowl): 8.4 in (21.5 cm) diameter/ 12.4 in (31.5 cm) wide w/side handles x 2.4 inch (6.2 cm) tall.
Weight 21.38 Troy ounces (665 grams)
Cover (Lid): 7.8 in (20 cm) diameter x 3.1 inch (8 cm) tall.
Weight 12.69 Troy ounces (395 grams)
Platter: 10.6 inch (27 cm) diameter x 0.7 inch (2 cm) tall. Weight 20.83 Troy ounces (648 grams)

Weight of Sterling Silver: Total 54.91 Troy ounces (1,708 grams)

Excellent Estate Condition considering its age, with minor sign of long years of proper use. Some age-related light scratch marks here and there, mainly on the surface of platter. Otherwise in quite excellent condition as age. Please refer the detail photos we added.


(Item Reference No.00806)



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BOIN-TABURET Antique French Sterling Silver Serving Tureen Platter

SKU: 00806-D234
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