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THIS IS A VERY BEAUTIFUL and rare Antique to Vintage French Silver-plated Cocktail Shaker or Champagne Bottle with elegant Art Deco style hand and acid engraving decoration. The design includes a round, centralised cartouche circled with belt frame; which was a very popular trend in late 19C to early 20C, arabesque, and imitation muselet (muzzle, the wire cage that holds a Champagne or sparkling wine cork) on the top part. It's very stylish, quite simple in term of overall design, but the craftsmanship went into this Shaker/Bottle is very complex. And it's in excellent condition with all original part.

Hallmarked Maker's mark of Albert Frionnet, active 1911-1944, at 8 rue des Qautre-Fils, Paris. "Deposé" mark for design patent.

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Measurements & Condition

Almost 11 inch (27.8 cm) tall x 2 3/4 inch (7 cm) diameter.
Weight: 11.09 Troy ounces (345 grams.)

Excellent Estate Condition with minor sign of light use. Professionally re-plated and cleaned, ready for use and display. Please refer the detail photos I added.


(Item Reference No.00791)



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Antique/Vintage French Silver-plated Cocktail Shaker Champagne Bottle Art Deco

SKU: 00791
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